Organ Application
Use the below information to complete your Organ Application
1. Organ Name

2. Major system the organ is associated with (check the box)

3. Are you available for part-time or full time work? How often does the organ work? Is it constantly working like the heart or brain? If yess, then it is full time. (Most organs will be full time.) Does the organ mainly work when there is a certain condition, like the presence of food. If yes, then part time.

4. What organs do you have experience working with? Please list the other organs in the organ's organ system.

5.What is your skill set? Please use sentences to describe the functions or abilities of the organ. .

6. Why should Human Body Organs and Systems Society (H-Boss) hire you?
Please show your understanding of this section. Describe what the organ is made of, the location, how well it works with others, the importance and what would happen without it.

7. Illustration of your organ, photo off the internet, label major parts.